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The Original


The Original is the first bar which opened at the St-Sulpice in 1980, hence its  name. Its the entrance from St-Denis street to the garden terrace in the back. By day, its a hospitable place for people of all ages. Brick walls, large beams and metal structures gives it an industrial look. As the evening goes on, the music changes, the atmosphere darkens and rock music kicks in bring the place in an all new vibe.

The Caveau


Boudoir, giant HD screens, stone walls and a powerful sound system: welcome to The Caveau. Here, the pleasure of the eye and ear blend perfectly together. A video bar, with a pub atmosphere, always presenting  live sporting events, concerts, music videos, and more. The Caveau is renown for the karaoke nights it hosts every day of the week. Of course, all customers are invited to showcase their talent and sing!  In addition to all that, every night, the dance floor is open with guest dj or vj to make your body move to the music. We invite you to experience the atmosphere of Saint-Sulpice, where you can be a superstar and be part of the audience at the same time!

The Double Salon

Salon Double

In the first room in order to keep the original feeling of the historic house which is now the Cafe-Bar Saint-Sulpice, the pristine woodwork has been kept, coffee tables and the fireplace adds a soft warmth to it. The second room shows a lively bar and high tables which extend to a greenhouse onto the rear terrace. The particular arrangement of the room encourages discussion in pairs or small groups. For all those who want to talk or get closer to the bartender, this bar allows a greater proximity for exchanges.

The Annexe


Through the years the Cafe-Bar Le Saint-Sulpice has grown and was annexed in 1995 to the house next door creating a new bar named The Annexe. A bistro atmosphere emerges from this place, with its benches and large antique mirrors adorning the walls. By day, the bar is flooded with sunlight through large windows and skylights. The Annexe is the perfect place to chat with friends or to work on a student project. At night, the noise of the party and the music ranks up several notches. The Annexe sometimes becomes an improvised dance floor.

The Angel’s Place


The Angel’s Place is at the very top of the grand staircase which comes from another era and is dominated by an immense angel sculpture, hence its name. Remarkable room due to its large windows, original woodwork, its bench and its large rear patio is a place of choice for groups that want to party.

The Library

BibliothèqueBibliothèque (2)

Once inside, it’s like halfway between a library and boudoir from a countryside house. EVERYTHING is made of wood tables, chairs, benches, including a large wall cabinet where are stored tons of books, newspapers and magazines of all kinds. With its front balcony overlooking Saint-Denis Street and rear balcony overlooking the large terrace, this is by far the quietest of the Cafe-Bar Saint-Sulpice spots. Its doors are always open, and you will always find small groups who need a quiet space to meet. Its also a very popular room for group reservations: birthdays, corporate events, retirements, conferences, etc.. At night, the lights are dimmed in order for it to have a more intimate atmosphere.

The Cabaret


This is the venue of the Cafe-Bar Saint-Sulpice, whether for improvisation evenings, poetry readings or anything else. At day, its ideal for private happy-hours with your group. This room is equipped to meet all your technical needs: sound system of high quality, professional lighting, microphones, stage, etc.. In addition, you have access to a huge outdoor space with stunning views over the terrace and a large part of the downtown area. This terrace fully deserves its nickname: The roof of the world. The evening is the epicenter of the party in all its intensity: the disc jockey is there and the dance floor gets unleashed.

The Lodges

Loges (2)

For those who want to relax between one or two songs or get closer with someone, the loges offer a perfect haven with its large circular sofa and numerous standings bars.

The Resto-Pub


The restaurant is accessible by the back garden terrace and from Emery Street. It has room that is also available for group bookings. During the day, this is the perfect place to come and have a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere, with a quieter music. In the evening, the place get filled by people who wear sports jerseys. Three giant HD TV screens will guarantee absolute visibility for the party. If you are a sports fans then welcome to your new home and get ready to experience great game sensations of a life time!

Front Terrace

La Facade (2)La FacadeLa Facade

Back Terrace

La Fontaine (2)La Facade ArrièreLe Jardin-TerrasseLe Jardin-Terrasse (7)

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