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Les Terrasses Saint-Sulpice are listed in guidebooks as a key landmark in the Montreal metropolitan area.

A veritable institution, the Saint-Sulpice Terraces are located in the heart of the Latin Quarter in 1680, rue St-Denis in Montreal. They are located in a beautiful built in the late 19th century by the president of the Hochelaga Bank, which later became the residence of the Lieutenant Governor Evariste Leblanc Victorian residence. Now restored, this building houses Terrasses Saint-Sulpice and became a top meeting place which hosts many social events, arts and culture.

A friendly place

Founded in 1980 by Dr. Maurice Bourassa in psychology and diplomat Pierre-Luc Pierre-Luc D’Orsonnens, Terraces Saint-Sulpice were originally a small coffee bar that first wanted to place a social and cultural exchanges . The bar always respects the aspect of friendly place where people can come in peace, since it contains a security-based client hosting and prevention.

The historic setting

In order to preserve the historic character of the site, the founders favored maintaining the original architecture and materials of this period residence and that highlighting both its wood paneling, room configuration, that become bars of different moods and gardens. Les Terrasses Saint-Sulpice with more than 1,000 seats spread over four floors, a front terrace and a large garden terrace at the rear of the building, a haven of tranquility where you can relax under the féviers the sound of a beautiful fountain.

Les Terrasses Saint-Sulpice take their name from the old Saint-Sulpice Library installed in the building next door was located and where until recently the National Library. Using the name of Saint-Sulpice, the founders of Terraces wanted to perpetuate the memory of the name of this institution.A cultural environmentLes Terrasses Saint-Sulpice at the heart of the Montreal and Quebec cultural life. The bar is meant by the cultural atmosphere that prevails and also by the many events that occur there: launches, openings, press conferences, recitals, etc.. The site also contains cultural property, such, for example, an Armand Vaillancourt sculpture unveiled at the 30th anniversary of the Terraces, or the paintings of several artists, a monumental fountain located in the heart of the garden inside terrace, etc..

Prizes, Meritas and Scholarships

Les Terrasses Saint-Sulpice and their founders are sponsors several grants and awards, including the Prix de poetry Terrasses Saint-Sulpice, MX Pierre-Luc D’Orsonnens in Political Science and Visual Arts at the University of Quebec to Montreal, the International Prix Saint-Denys-Garneau:Award poetry Terrasses Saint-Sulpice is awarded to the best book of poetry of the year, as determined by a jury in the journal The Estuary;

The Exchange Pierre-Luc D’Orsonnens political science is awarded to a student in political science at UQAM to defray the costs of a placement abroad;

The Exchange Pierre-Luc D’Orsonnens Visual Arts is awarded to a student in the Bachelor of Visual Arts;

International Prix Saint-Denys Garneau, created by the Corporation Champs Valleys, aims to highlight the outstanding work of joint an artist’s book, poetry and visual arts creation.

Green Shift

Les Terrasses Saint-Sulpice is of utmost importance to the quality of the environment and have also innovated in fashioning a recovery drink (patent pending), reducing the amount of storage and thereby facilitating manipulation recycling.

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